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Lee Smallwood's iPhone appOn the 12th of Janu­ary I built an iPhone app to bring together my blog posts, twit­ter feeds and news from Com­mu­nic­ate using RSS feeds all in one place.

I didn’t have to pro­gram it my self, I used a web­site called App­Makr that takes care of all of that and pub­lishes it dir­ectly to apple using their own developer account. The whole pro­cess was extremely simple and input­ing the ‘required’ fields took about 30 minutes and 5 days to appear in iTunes :) As Alex­andr would say “Simples”

Nor­mally the cost for devel­op­ing an iPhone app runs into the £1000’s of pounds depend­ing on the com­plex­ity how­ever App­Makr charge $199 or $450 if you want to pub­lish using your own developer account.

You can mon­it­ize the app that you build either by using ads that show when the app is being used (Nahhh, not for me ;) ) or you can charge people when they down­load it — mine’s free :)

If you want to down­load it click here or just put ‘Lee Small­wood’ into the search box in the iTunes store — and let me know what you think :)

The nice people over at App­Makr are pro­mot­ing some dis­count offers, these are:

Enter pro­mo­tional code GUYK to get $150 off! Valid until 18÷1÷09

or if you need a bit more time to think about it then use promo code TWITTER to get $50 off expires 31÷1÷2010.

If you make one make sure to let me know your link so I can down­load it ;)


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