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Search for a Cabinet - Social Media PartyThe Idea

Ima­gine if you could cre­ate a polit­ical party made up from people you believed would not only be right for the job but also have their fin­ger on the pulse of their online community.

Then ima­gine that the people around you (fam­ily, friends, personal/business net­work Linkedin, Face­book, Twit­ter or other social media plat­form etc) thought the same as you…

Well now you can (at least for fun that is) and help fant­astic causes at the same time. (see ‘All for a Good Cause’ below)

We want you to put together a list of people that you believe could run the UK. You can put for­ward ANY indi­vidual you feel would be ideal e.g. Richard Bran­son as Sec­ret­ary of State for Busi­ness, Innov­a­tion and Skills, First Sec­ret­ary and Lord Pres­id­ent of the Coun­cil, Kirstie All­sopp as Sec­ret­ary of State for Chil­dren, Schools and Fam­il­ies or Paul Weston as Sec­ret­ary of State for Cul­ture, Media and Sport. The can­did­ates within your Cab­inet don’t need to be ‘fam­ous’ but will need to be found online so the people can research them and then decide if they agree with you. We also encour­age you to put links to other sites that have posts from them or people writ­ing about them that will sup­port your reason(s) for put­ting them for­ward. And don’t for­get to let the indi­vidu­als know as well ;)

All for a Good Cause

As well as being a bit of fun, our aim is to cre­ate aware­ness and raise funds for the East Anglia’s Chil­dren Hos­pice who has launched its first major cap­ital appealThe Tree­house Appeal to raise £3 mil­lion to build and equip a new purpose-built children’s hos­pice in Ipswich for life-threatened chil­dren and their fam­il­ies in Suf­folk & North Essex. EACH relies on the gen­er­os­ity of the pub­lic for 100% of the funds needed to make this pro­ject a reality.

How­ever, as well as put­ting for­ward your Cab­inet, we also want you to have a nom­in­ated char­ity, that you feel pas­sion­ate about and one that your Cab­inet will be pro­mot­ing. The top 5 sup­por­ted Cab­in­ets by the 5th May will be the ones that go for­ward to the ‘Search for a Cab­inet –Social Media‘ elec­tion on the 6th May.

How will the funds be raised?

On vot­ing day, 6th May, people will vote using PayPal. Each vote will cost £1. 100% of the pro­ceeds raised will be split evenly across all 6 char­it­ies (5 Cab­inet nom­in­ated char­it­ies and the EACH Tree­house Appeal ). So every vote will count!

The Cab­inet Positions

There are actu­ally 32 pos­i­tions within the cab­inet – although not all of them attend every cab­inet meet­ing. So from these 32 we need your input on whether to reduce the list to a smal­ler num­ber to rep­res­ent the ones you feel are most import­ant?

Prime Min­is­ter, First Lord of the Treas­ury and Min­is­ter for the Civil Service
Leader of the House of Com­mons and Lord Privy Seal
Sec­ret­ary of State for Busi­ness, Innov­a­tion and Skills, First Sec­ret­ary and Lord Pres­id­ent of the Council
Chan­cel­lor of the Exchequer
Sec­ret­ary of State for For­eign and Com­mon­wealth Affairs
Sec­ret­ary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor
Sec­ret­ary of State for the Home Department
Sec­ret­ary of State for Envir­on­ment, Food and Rural Affairs
Sec­ret­ary of State for Inter­na­tional Development
Sec­ret­ary of State for Com­munit­ies and Local Government
Sec­ret­ary of State for Chil­dren, Schools and Families
Sec­ret­ary of State for Energy and Cli­mate Change
Sec­ret­ary of State for Health
Sec­ret­ary of State for North­ern Ireland
Leader of the House of Lords and Chan­cel­lor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Min­is­ter for the Cab­inet Office, and for the Olympics and Pay­mas­ter General
Sec­ret­ary of State for Scotland
Sec­ret­ary of State for Work and Pensions
Chief Sec­ret­ary to the Treasury
Sec­ret­ary of State for Wales
Sec­ret­ary of State for Defence
Sec­ret­ary of State for Transport
Sec­ret­ary of State for Cul­ture, Media and Sport
Min­is­ter of State for Employ­ment and Wel­fare Reform
Min­is­ter of State for Busi­ness, Innov­a­tion and Skills
Min­is­ter of State for Housing
Min­is­ter of State for Sci­ence and Innovation
Par­lia­ment­ary Sec­ret­ary to the Treas­ury and Chief Whip
Attor­ney General
Min­is­ter of State for Regional Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment and Co-ordination; Local Government
Min­is­ter of State for Chil­dren, Young People and Families
Min­is­ter of State for Transport

Using your Social Media Networks

Pro­mot­ing your Cab­inet, and nom­in­ated char­ity, will be left to you i.e. encour­aging the people you know in your net­works to take part and spread the word to their net­works etc. Each time someone posts sup­port in favour of your Cab­inet it will receive 1 point and the 5 Cab­in­ets with the most points will be put for­ward as the ‘Search for a Cab­inet – Social Media Party’ nominees.

Note: Post­ing sup­port of a par­tic­u­lar Cab­inet is Free, vot­ing on the 6th May will cost £1 - so it’s import­ant to remind the people in your network(s) to cast their vote — make every­one count…!

Cab­inet Sub­mis­sion Deadline

Dead­line for sub­mis­sion of your Cab­inet is the 23rd April at 12am and all Cab­in­ets sub­mit­ted will have their own page hos­ted on where people can post their sup­port of your pro­posed Cab­inet. The top 5 Cab­in­ets with the most sup­port will be put for­ward to the pub­lic vote on 6th May (in line with the UK Gen­eral Election)

Then you have up until the 5th May to rally sup­port of your Cab­inet by using any means pos­sible (e.g. Twit­ter, Fac­book, Linkedin tc…)

All this activ­ity will take place on and will be up and run­ning on Monday 12th April.

Let’s make every vote count…


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