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How To Make Every Keyword Count

Today keywords are almost a cur­rency in their own right; as long as you’re in the top 3 pos­i­tions on SERPs (search engine res­ults pages) that is!

But unless you have more money and time to know what to do with it, some keywords will be out of reach i.e. keywords like ‘con­sult­ant’, ‘media con­sult­ant’, ‘mentor’, ‘mar­ket­ing mentor’, ‘coach’ or ‘life coach’ etc

Keywords like these are very gen­eric — top level — and people that use them are gen­er­ally inform­a­tion gath­er­ing and are not really look­ing to make a decision…

And if you were in the top 3 pos­i­tions on Google for sim­ilar keywords, you could have poten­tially a large amount of traffic vis­it­ing a spe­cific page on your site, you would see a very low con­ver­sion rate.

So what’s the answer?

Long­tail Keywords

If I use one of the examples from above to explain, I think the concept would be easier to grasp:

Take a ‘top level’ keyword like ‘Life Coach’ and put it into Google: there’s about 58 mil­lion res­ults! This is an ‘approx­im­ate’ meas­ure of the amount of sites com­pet­ing glob­ally for the same keyword…

How­ever, change it to ‘Life coach UK’ and the num­ber of res­ults drops dra­mat­ic­ally to 3,980,000 … which is bet­ter but still too much competition

But if we made the example keyword search term

NLP life coach Hamp­stead Lon­don’ the com­pet­i­tion drops to 2,030 — much bet­ter :)

Now, armed with that inform­a­tion and the num­ber of local people look­ing for that search term on a monthly basis — using Google’s Keyword Tool you’ll in a bet­ter pos­i­tion to get some tar­geted traffic.

…And finally

if you want to see how many of your com­pet­it­ors are optim­ising a page on their site for any given keyword term then use this:

allintitle:your keyword (note: no space after the ‘:’

To find the right keywords to optim­ise for can take time, I can eas­ily spend a whole day find­ing golden nug­gets for cli­ents and cone up with about 30–40 thou­sand phrases, which each have approx 100 to 200 searches per day … that may not sound a lot of traffic by them­selves how­ever put all searches together and hey presto — watch the num­ber of people vis­it­ing your site rocket ..!

But remem­ber to use each keyword in your page title, head­ing tags and in your con­tent to let the search engines know that that page is rel­ev­ant to what people are search­ing for…


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