Jennifer Aniston, ‘Big Butts’, website content and rising seas

I seem to write a lot about the import­ance of using the cor­rect keywords but see­ing as I’ve been get­ting more ques­tions than nor­mal I thought I’d put fin­ger to ‘board once more…

Almost any busi­ness these days needs to have a ‘strong’ web pres­ence and in many instances, off­line busi­ness activ­ity will increase if the num­ber of vis­it­ors that reach the web­site increases. Cause and Effect — Eco­nom­ics 101. But there are so many meth­ods that will increase site vis­it­ors, but (and this is a big but — not ‘big butt’ as in Jen­nifer Anis­ton in the scene of her dan­cing and singing to her baby in Friends) more web vis­it­ors do not neces­sar­ily bring higher profits to a busi­ness. So it’s vitally import­ant to attract the rel­ev­ant traffic and keep non-targeted search­ers away (more on that in a bit…)

Rel­ev­ant traffic (i.e. those indi­vidu­als that are look­ing to ‘buy right now’) depends on the qual­ity and type of the keywords and keyword phrases that you use on your web­site, blog etc… And you have to identify what those keywords and keyword phrases are before you pub­lish the con­tent on said sites.

Beha­vi­oural Search

When someone starts a search, he/she/they will key in a keyword or a keyword phrase in the search engine box, and based on that, the browser will show a list of sites that match the query. Now, and this isn’t a Eureka moment — what you want here is to get your site to dis­play in the search res­ults (SERPs — search engine res­ults pages) on the very first page, — prefer­ably in the top 3 pos­i­tions in those res­ult pages.

But let’s work a small example through, and for examples sake let’s say that you sell Mois­tur­ising Wipes for Men… (chosen because I don’t know any­one that sells them… I think you can ima­gine that there would be sev­eral spe­cial­ised (niche) keywords and keyword phrases that would be used like ‘mois­tur­ising wipes for sens­it­ive male skin’, ‘how to mois­tur­ise your face with stubble’ etc. that should be util­ised to pro­mote this item. These sorts of keywords and phrases will increase web­site traffic and dir­ect those web­site vis­it­ors, that are most likely to pur­chase some­thing or leave some type of con­tact inform­a­tion through an ‘opt in’ fea­ture on your web­site. But, if you make use of keywords that are too gen­eric like ‘wipes’ or even ‘mois­tur­ising wipes’ you may bring in a huge amount of site vis­it­ors, how­ever these vis­it­ors will offer little profit for your business.

So now it’s back to the ‘un-targeted traffic’. All busi­nesses that I speak with, large and small, that use ppc mar­ket­ing with Adwords (pay per click) lose so much money on traffic that isn’t inter­ested in buy­ing. The % that do click through leave without doing any­thing — and it’s just cost the busi­ness £s for the privilege!

And finally…

An inter­ested web­site vis­itor will spend more time on your site, search­ing through the items, read­ing con­tent and mak­ing other searches — as long as your site has a search func­tion that is… So you must endeav­our to increase your traffic, reas­on­ably and prof­it­ably by focus­ing on a your spe­cific areas of what you do that is rel­ev­ant to what people are search­ing for. The old adage of “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” really applies here. But once they are on your site make it easy for them to ‘dis­cover’ the other ‘gems’ that you provide and show them that your con­tent is con­stantly chan­ging as this will pos­i­tion you as a ‘go to source’.

This con­tinu­ous need to update a site is, for many busi­nesses, deemed a waste of time and resources. How­ever if a com­pany is try­ing to increase the amount of rel­ev­ant traffic to its site then cre­at­ing site con­tent should be approached in the same pro­fes­sional way as the products or ser­vices you sell or provide and not be not substandard.

Oth­er­wise the effort you put into the web­site will make about the same dif­fer­ence as tak­ing a bucket of water from the sea would do to reduce the rising sea levels!


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