Google and Bing User Insights

google verses bing - insightsNo one would deny that Google and Bing are two of the most used sites on the web — (on Alexa Google ranks 1st Bing is 11th) — but the people that use them vary…

Google and Bing Demographics

  1. Bing’s audi­ence is older and tends to have 35+ old indi­vidu­als using it, how­ever, the 55–64 group favours it
  2. Bing receives 40% of its traffic from the US and Google gets 34%.
  3. Bing has an increas­ing num­ber of users in China (Bing’s 2nd largest users) — and don’t for­get that Google has had prob­lems in the past with China (pos­ted on 14th Janu­ary 2010)
  4. Because of point 1 above, Bing users have more chil­dren than Google’s due to the age dif­fer­ence. Accord­ing to Alex, Google users are less likely to have children

If you’re into PPC (pay per click) then you’ll be delighted to hear that Bing users are more likely to click on PPC ads

So, when you look at Alexa’s data, Bing’s users are older, more likely to live in the US, respond bet­ter to PPC and more likely to have children.

How­ever, Bing users will tend to be more afflu­ent — as older indi­vidu­als are more likely to be bet­ter off fin­an­cially but because of they have more chil­dren it pos­sibly means that they have less dis­pos­able income.

Why is this?

It doesn’t need a degree to under­stand that, prob­ably, the main reason is that Bing is the default search engine for Inter­net Explorer. How­ever, what is inter­est­ing is that people that either switch the default search engine or use a dif­fer­ent browser gen­er­ally prefer Google.

Could this then mean that Bing users are less ‘tech-savvy’ than Google users? — ‘Only Smarties have the answer…

And finally… should you tar­get Bing users?

Well, if you product or ser­vice is aimed at the type of people high­lighted above then tak­ing the time to optim­ise your site for Bing could well be worth the time investment.

But don’t ignore Google com­pletely! Google has the greater mar­ket share and even if the Bing user demo­graphic ticks all your boxes you’d def­in­itely find other rel­ev­ant people using Google — it’s just that they make up a smal­ler percentage.


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