Google+ announce multiple admin access

google plus business pagesGoogle have just announced that they’ve updated the Google+ busi­ness pages to allow for mul­tiple admin logins! This was one of the main bar­ri­ers to entry for many cor­por­ates — so we should now see an influx of com­pan­ies cre­at­ing Google+ busi­ness pages…

New Mul­tiple Admin / Man­ager for Google+ Busi­ness Pages

The fol­low­ing changes have been made:

  • Com­pan­ies can now assign up to 50 named man­agers as admin­is­trat­ors for a Google Plus busi­ness page
  • There’s a brand new noti­fic­a­tion sys­tem in place that will allow these ‘page admins’ to keep in touch of all the con­ver­sa­tions tak­ing place on the busi­ness page
  • There is also an “aggreg­ated count” of Google+ users that have engaged with a busi­ness page (either +1ing or added it to their circles) Which is great to get a snap­shot of activ­ity of who is enga­ging with the page…

New Google+ Photo / Image browser

As well as this update there’s been an update to the photo browser — which incor­por­ates a light­box effect

New Google+ Notifications

And you can now con­trol which noti­fic­a­tions are import­ant with a ‘graphic equal­iser’ style slider so you won’t miss out on those import­ant chunks of info that you might have been doing previously

And finally…

What do you think of the latest Google+ changes? Are they enough for you / your com­pany to set up residence?


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