+Matt Cutts was asked this great question yesterday:

+Matt Cutts was asked this great ques­tion yesterday:

Matt, your web­mas­ter help videos are a big suc­cess and I think every­body loves them. It’s a great help for web­mas­ters. But can some Goo­glers make the same kind of videos for Adwords and Ana­lyt­ics? That would be very use­ful and a great suc­cess too. James, Netherlands

(video link: Does Google make videos for other products?)

And the link to the Google Ana­lyt­ics You­Tube chan­nel is below :)

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— You­Tube

The offi­cial chan­nel for all videos about and related to Google Analytics.

Learn more about our web ana­lyt­ics and online advert­ising products.

Find out more about Google Ana­lyt­ics at www.google.…

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