Who I talked to this week week

So I thought I’d do a dif­fer­ent #circle­share this week by tag­ging them :) — hop­ing that you can say hello to them as well.

They’ve made what was a chal­len­ging week into an enjoy­able, stretch­ing and san­ity retain­ing one (!)

So I thank you for all for that — (not in any par­tic­u­lar order):

+Mike Shaw — without ques­tion one of the nicest chaps on G+ … of and he takes the odd good photo ;)
+Eileen O’Duffy — con­stant engager — ser­i­ously Eileen is just fab #fact
+Dan Bow­sher — runs a lot, fam­ily guy, friend and loves curry
+Thomas Power chair­man of +Ecademy fam­ily man and thought spark
+Mike Elgan — not very well known on G+ (ahem cough cough) can often be seen (or his posts can daily) on What’s Hot
+Les­ley White — a mar­ket­ing angel ;)
+Jeff Jock­isch — oversee’s ChaCha’s con­tent cur­a­tion, and all round great guy
+Tom Anthony — built a great tool that adds %s for browser usage over time — and works at +SEO­moz
+Mike Downes — broad­cast media spe­cial­ist, and all round nice guy :)
+stephanie wana­maker — music, movies and the G+ hangout queen — her laugh is infec­tious
+Ron­nie Bin­cer — What Ron­nie doesn’t know about Video SEO isn’t worth know­ing #fact
+Glenn GabeSEO bod can often be seen ‘help­ing as many people out’ as pos­sible :)
+Shamil Weerakoon cur­ator of G+ tips and help posts
+Rahul Roy — Hon­or­ary google+ com­munity man­ager — at least he should
+Denis Labelle — Google+ linch­pin
+AJ Kohn — don’t believe him when he says he’s new to SEO (just kid­ding AJ — I know I’ll have to buy you a drink when I come to Seattle in July!!!)
+Bill Slawski SEO and algorithm linch­pin — #fact
+Ryan Van Sickle — my fave musi­cian on Google+ check out his album on Google Play and spo­tify
+Sherri Nis­sel — fab per­son who shares some of the most amaz­ing pics
+mar­tin sherving­ton — fel­low Welsh­man, writer, pon­ti­fic­ator … friend — period!
+Ben LloydIT con­sult­ant as well as copy­writer / mar­ket­ing
+Jonathan Squire — gen­er­ally 1st to com­ment and engage on con­tent
+Kamal Ben­nani — social media bod and shar­ing of great con­tent
+Jacob Dix — mobile pho­to­grapher, writer and become a great friend
+Sarah Hill — hangout news Queen who’s never to busy to step out and engage on your posts
+Les­ley Mor­ris­sey news type per­son — love her to bits :)
+Johan Horak — one of those truly great indi­vidu­als and engagers
+Joe Vin­son — great engager
+Euro Maes­tro — tech news and great opin­ions and views (pre­pare to have your think­ing chal­lenged)
+Robyn Miller — often found wan­der­ing aim­fully through life, likes dis­rupt­ive and unique tech­no­lo­gies
+Eli Fen­nell — freel­ance IT
+Ivan DimitrijevićSEO and Social Media
+Jesse Craw­ford — Digital Art
+Sasch Mayer — not quite an inter­net fossil (but close!) writer and ana­lyst
+The Nerd Code — funny geek stuff [PAGE]
+Cad­bury UK — the best chocol­ate man­u­fac­turer EVER [PAGE]
+Circ­leCountTHE only tool you need in your G+ tool­box — #fact [PAGE]
+Nick RinkSEO and Local Mar­ket­ing
+Rick Lutz — find him over at +Circ­leCount
+Melissa Bryan — red­head… geek… gamer
+Jakub Hrabovsky — bas­ket case (I mean) ball player and does things on mobile net­works
+Dan Leveille — Developer. Designer. Pho­to­grapher
+Tza­frir Rehan — developer, used to work at Google now does fab stuff with browsers

My advice to any­one look­ing for people to engage with and get great con­tent dir­ectly to their stream then you couldn’t go wrong with the above plussers. So add them and tag them in a speech bubble below and say hi :)

Have a great weekend

Lee x

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