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Google Knowledge Graph — Going Beyond Semantics Part 2

As I said in Part 1  this new innovation/iteration from Google is going to have a very pos­it­ive impact, here’s why: # 1 : Impact on SEO and What Web­mas­ters Need To Focus On The era of just focus­ing on keywords is passé. Also, the whole game of link­ing between pages changes from here onwards. Now

Google Knowledge Graph — Going Beyond Semantics Part 1

Before I start dis­cuss­ing the Google Know­ledge Graph (i.e. Google’s latest gift to ‘search-kind’) let’s get back into our own hard­wir­ing and dis­cover ourselves a bit. Here’s a ques­tion for you: Have you ever thought how you think? Have you ever thought what goes on in your mind’s eye, when you’re look­ing for inform­a­tion bur­ied deep inside

Who I talked to this week week

So I thought I’d do a dif­fer­ent #circle­share this week by tag­ging them — hop­ing that you can say hello to them as well. They’ve made what was a chal­len­ging week into an enjoy­able, stretch­ing and san­ity retain­ing one (!) So I thank you for all for that — (not in any par­tic­u­lar order): +Mike Shaw — without

Living with Google Penguin — Part 2 tips on avoiding being hit

Firstly, Part one of Liv­ing with Google Pen­guin can be found here So, onto the 2nd part … Google Pen­guin: Tips on avoid­ing being hit and on what to do if you have How To Avoid Being Hit By Google Pen­guin Go and check your ana­lyt­ics account. Do it now! If there are warn­ings of unnat­ural