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An Idea Worth Spreading: Coca~Cola Happiness Machine UK

I came across this you­tube video from Coca~Cola (launched today 7th Septem­ber 2010) that is truely REMARKABLE, and one that clearly every­one involved in will talk about, think about for a very long time to come. In fact I don’t think they’ll approach a Coke machine ever again without think­ing about it or won­der­ing ‘I

495 Social Niche and Not-So Niche Site Links #LLBS

This post is sup­port my 7 min talk at the Late Late Break­fast Show, at the Sway Hotel in Hol­burn tonight (20th July 2010). I will keep adding to this list when I come across sites, but if you know of any that are not here please can you add them in com­ments. For those of

The Lighter Side of Social Media: Part 11

I’m always on the look out for ‘fun­nies’, but it’s been a little while since I pos­ted any so here’s some that made me chuckle… If you come across any on your travels would you pop a link into the comments

iPad on Vodafone 3G network

Those beau­ti­ful people over at Voda­fone UK have done it again…! They’ve pro­duced a short 1 min you­tube video of the iPad run­ning on the Voda­fone 3G net­work…! Looks pretty fast… and with cheap data­planstoo! Look at it … it’s a thing of beauty… hope­fully soon I’ll be able to buy a ‘My-Pad…’ and then my

Google ‘Meet Android’ meet Vodafone

From time to time I like to use the ‘I’m feel­ing lucky’ but­ton on, it can pro­duce some AMAZING res­ults… And this even­ing was no excep­tion… I just happened to type in ‘Meet Android’ and clicked the ‘I’m feel­ing lucky’ but­ton and saw some­thing very cool… So I cap­tured it using Jing and thought