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Twinterview ‘Making Social Media Work for You’ hosted by @abarge

So as prom­ised becasue the #shoes­tring tag wasn’t dis­play­ing the stream cor­rectly — I think it was sab­ot­aged #joke — I’ve integ­rated my tweets into the stream for those who might have found it dif­fi­cult to fol­low… If you were fol­low­ing along and didn’t man­age to get a ques­tion in or you’ve thought up a

Prescribing return on involvement for the new digital economy

Last year I wrote about ‘You can’t bend the Return on Involve­ment rules’ (Novem­ber 09). But, as with most things, this is some­thing that I want to write more about because it’s a met­ric that’s chal­len­ging to meas­ure and there­fore can’t be ignored. The prob­lem is that mar­keters and please excuse this gen­er­al­isa­tion, only like