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Internet skills need supersonic improvement

With a rising need for tech­nic­ally sound engin­eers and people who can work with advanced net­work machinery, there’s also an alarm­ing rise in the num­ber of people world­wide who lack badly in the basic inter­net skills depart­ment. So, let’s go ahead and dig deep into why there’s such a great digital divide across and out­side

Communicate Magazine Conference Google Plus for Business & Brands

I had the for­tu­nate oppor­tun­ity of speak­ing at Com­mu­nic­ate Magazine’s Google+ for Busi­ness & Brands con­fer­ence yes­ter­day. For­tu­nate in that priv­ileged to be in a room with some of the most top end people / agen­cies / organ­isa­tions and brands. Also for­tu­nate that they had guards on the door to stop people leav­ing when it

Instant Search has made Google the Bart Simpson of Search Engines

There’s a lot of talk online at the moment relat­ing to Google’s ‘Instant Search’, and I’ve received a fair few ques­tions from cli­ents and friends ask­ing what the implic­a­tions are from an SEO per­spect­ive; to the extent that I thought a quick blog post might be the order of the day… What is Google Instant Search?

Defining the elusive meaningful metric

When you write a post — whether it’s a tweet, blog or com­ment etc — and people read it, repeat it and they like it — this can at times lead us to feel­ing ‘I’ve done it. I’m finally reach­ing people’ But in point of fact, this is only the begin­ning. Because even though track­ing

An Idea Worth Spreading: Coca~Cola Happiness Machine UK

I came across this you­tube video from Coca~Cola (launched today 7th Septem­ber 2010) that is truely REMARKABLE, and one that clearly every­one involved in will talk about, think about for a very long time to come. In fact I don’t think they’ll approach a Coke machine ever again without think­ing about it or won­der­ing ‘I