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Pinterest and the Social SEO Benefits

Pin­terest… what exactly is it? How is it a won­der for busi­nesses online? Why are people buzz­ing about it? And what does it have to do with SEO? I’ll be answer­ing all these ques­tions today. And more… So first, let’s try and under­stand what is all about Towards Decem­ber 2009, a team of developers com­menced work­ing on

Getting your head around linkedin

It was great even­ing at the SME 2.0 ‘tagtribe’ event last night. The room was split between exper­i­enced Linkedin users and some fairly new to it… There were a few ques­tions on cer­tain how tos which I said that I would blog about today — but rather than write it all out — I’ve done them