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Semantic Keyword Research — Part 2

Semantic Keyword Research Part 1 is on my Google+ Page Whip­ping Up “Sup­port­ing Keywords” Now that you’ve decided upon your ori­ginal keyword and your core keyword, the next step is to draw up sup­port­ing keywords. Ima­gine a set of con­cent­ric circles. Your core keyword is in the cen­ter and your sup­port­ing keywords form the second

Jennifer Aniston, ‘Big Butts’, website content and rising seas

I seem to write a lot about the import­ance of using the cor­rect keywords but see­ing as I’ve been get­ting more ques­tions than nor­mal I thought I’d put fin­ger to ‘board once more… Almost any busi­ness these days needs to have a ‘strong’ web pres­ence and in many instances, off­line busi­ness activ­ity will increase if the

Keyword Research

How To Make Every Keyword Count Today keywords are almost a cur­rency in their own right; as long as you’re in the top 3 pos­i­tions on SERPs (search engine res­ults pages) that is! But unless you have more money and time to know what to do with it, some keywords will be out of reach i.e.

SEO: No animals were harmed in creating this website – part 4 of 8

META Descrip­tion Over the years META tags have been abused by many in order to try and manip­u­late search res­ults. But in doing so many sites have been black­lis­ted. The import­ance of good META can’t be stressed enough and in this part of my mini series on SEO, I want to dis­cuss why tak­ing the

You say potato I say solanum tuberosum: search term basics

You’ve writ­ten an excel­lent post, checked it for gram­mar and spelling errors and now you’re all ready to pub­lish… but STOP… will what you’ve writ­ten get lis­ted on the SERPs (search engine res­ults pages? A recur­ring issue I see, when dis­cuss­ing web­site con­tent, is that people tend to write from their per­spect­ive — not from