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Living with Google Penguin — Part 1

What is Google’s latest update and how to use it to win those rank­ings? With a lot of people talk­ing about the Google Pen­guin update and how it’s uprooted web­sites from top pos­i­tions in the index, the whole atmo­sphere of search engine optim­isa­tion and search mar­ket­ing begins to get a bit dreary. So I’d like

The importance of using relevant outbound links

From the times when people would try to ‘store’ pager­ank on their sites to times when hoard­ing link juice became irrel­ev­ant, there have been dif­fer­ent inter­pret­a­tions of rel­ev­ant out­bound links and their import­ance. A lot of people don’t quite under­stand whether (and how?) they add value to a site. Then there’s oth­ers who wish to

Nofollow: Keeping control of your Page Rank

Last week I wrote ‘dofol­low: shar­ing some link juice’ regard­ing why I changed the links within my com­ment sec­tions to ‘dofol­low’. As a fol­low up to that art­icle I wanted to write about the ‘nofol­low’ tag and when I use it and why… Nofol­low Firstly you can read Google’s blog on Pre­vent­ing Com­ment Spam (2005) to