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Living with Google Penguin — Part 2 tips on avoiding being hit

Firstly, Part one of Liv­ing with Google Pen­guin can be found here So, onto the 2nd part … Google Pen­guin: Tips on avoid­ing being hit and on what to do if you have How To Avoid Being Hit By Google Pen­guin Go and check your ana­lyt­ics account. Do it now! If there are warn­ings of unnat­ural

+Matt Cutts was asked this great question yesterday:

+Matt Cutts was asked this great ques­tion yes­ter­day: Matt, your web­mas­ter help videos are a big suc­cess and I think every­body loves them. It’s a great help for web­mas­ters. But can some Goo­glers make the same kind of videos for Adwords and Ana­lyt­ics? That would be very use­ful and a great suc­cess too. James, Neth­er­lands

The importance of using relevant outbound links

From the times when people would try to ‘store’ pager­ank on their sites to times when hoard­ing link juice became irrel­ev­ant, there have been dif­fer­ent inter­pret­a­tions of rel­ev­ant out­bound links and their import­ance. A lot of people don’t quite under­stand whether (and how?) they add value to a site. Then there’s oth­ers who wish to

New Google Analytics: Implementation — Part 2

So, fol­low­ing on from Part 1 of imple­ment­ing the new Google ana­lyt­ics,  which can be found on my Google + page Step 5 New Google Ana­lyt­ics: Under­stand­ing Report­ing And Visu­al­isa­tions — con­tin­ued # 1 : Web­mas­ter Cog­ni­tion What this means is that now, the web­mas­ter has a more intu­it­ive form of report­ing that helps him pre­dict the