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New Google Analytics: Implementation — Part 2

So, fol­low­ing on from Part 1 of imple­ment­ing the new Google ana­lyt­ics,  which can be found on my Google + page Step 5 New Google Ana­lyt­ics: Under­stand­ing Report­ing And Visu­al­isa­tions — con­tin­ued # 1 : Web­mas­ter Cog­ni­tion What this means is that now, the web­mas­ter has a more intu­it­ive form of report­ing that helps him pre­dict the

Communicate Magazine Conference Google Plus for Business & Brands

I had the for­tu­nate oppor­tun­ity of speak­ing at Com­mu­nic­ate Magazine’s Google+ for Busi­ness & Brands con­fer­ence yes­ter­day. For­tu­nate in that priv­ileged to be in a room with some of the most top end people / agen­cies / organ­isa­tions and brands. Also for­tu­nate that they had guards on the door to stop people leav­ing when it

One for your toolbox: ShareThis Analytics

Yes­ter­day I pos­ted the start of a mini series ‘Defin­ing the elu­sive mean­ing­ful met­ric’, where I dis­cussed: Engage­ment for me is when someone cares enough about what you have writ­ten to such an extent that they felt com­pelled to do some­thing about it. and Met­rics I like to use to under­stand the effect­ive­ness of online com­mu­nic­a­tions