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Living with Google Penguin — Part 2 tips on avoiding being hit

Firstly, Part one of Liv­ing with Google Pen­guin can be found here So, onto the 2nd part … Google Pen­guin: Tips on avoid­ing being hit and on what to do if you have How To Avoid Being Hit By Google Pen­guin Go and check your ana­lyt­ics account. Do it now! If there are warn­ings of unnat­ural

+Matt Cutts was asked this great question yesterday:

+Matt Cutts was asked this great ques­tion yes­ter­day: Matt, your web­mas­ter help videos are a big suc­cess and I think every­body loves them. It’s a great help for web­mas­ters. But can some Goo­glers make the same kind of videos for Adwords and Ana­lyt­ics? That would be very use­ful and a great suc­cess too. James, Neth­er­lands

Optimise WordPress for Rich Snippets

What are ‘Rich Snip­pets’ Ok, so today’s post is a bit meaty (TL:DR) and may take you a couple of reads to get through / get your head around… So before going straight to your Word­Press site or Google+ and imple­ment­ing the points I’ve lis­ted below, you may want to know what ‘rich snip­pets’ are

How social content can boost SEO

All these social con­tent changes that are hap­pen­ing at the moment: Google’s “Search, Plus Your World”, Twit­ter spit­ting its dummy out because… errr well there’s no real reason other than them kick­ing them­selves for back­ing out of an oppor­tun­ity last year with Google… how­ever, I digress… Hav­ing both battled the search engines for a sub­stan­tial