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Don’t miss out — a simple thank you will suffice

I get a lot of ques­tions ask­ing about how to com­mu­nic­ate with people online, which may seem simple to some but it appears to cause hours of sleep­less nights to oth­ers… What if should I do if no-one replies? What should I do if someone replies? What tone of voice should I reply in? etc etc etc

Defining the elusive meaningful metric

When you write a post — whether it’s a tweet, blog or com­ment etc — and people read it, repeat it and they like it — this can at times lead us to feel­ing ‘I’ve done it. I’m finally reach­ing people’ But in point of fact, this is only the begin­ning. Because even though track­ing

An Idea Worth Spreading: Coca~Cola Happiness Machine UK

I came across this you­tube video from Coca~Cola (launched today 7th Septem­ber 2010) that is truely REMARKABLE, and one that clearly every­one involved in will talk about, think about for a very long time to come. In fact I don’t think they’ll approach a Coke machine ever again without think­ing about it or won­der­ing ‘I

The Eyes Have It

I have a bit of a fix­a­tion with eyes — for me they are the gate­way to the soul. You can tell exactly how someone is feel­ing or whether they agree or dis­agree with you just by look­ing into them. Those little ‘inflec­tions’ that appear when a per­son is talk­ing about a sub­ject that they’re

495 Social Niche and Not-So Niche Site Links #LLBS

This post is sup­port my 7 min talk at the Late Late Break­fast Show, at the Sway Hotel in Hol­burn tonight (20th July 2010). I will keep adding to this list when I come across sites, but if you know of any that are not here please can you add them in com­ments. For those of