Semantic Keyword Research — Part 2

Semantic Keyword Research Part 1 is on my Google+ Page Whip­ping Up “Sup­port­ing Keywords” Now that you’ve decided upon your ori­ginal keyword and your core keyword, the next step is to draw up sup­port­ing keywords. Ima­gine a set of con­cent­ric circles. Your core keyword is in the cen­ter and your sup­port­ing keywords form the second

Pinterest and the Social SEO Benefits

Pin­terest… what exactly is it? How is it a won­der for busi­nesses online? Why are people buzz­ing about it? And what does it have to do with SEO? I’ll be answer­ing all these ques­tions today. And more… So first, let’s try and under­stand what is all about Towards Decem­ber 2009, a team of developers com­menced work­ing on

Optimise WordPress for Rich Snippets

What are ‘Rich Snip­pets’ Ok, so today’s post is a bit meaty (TL:DR) and may take you a couple of reads to get through / get your head around… So before going straight to your Word­Press site or Google+ and imple­ment­ing the points I’ve lis­ted below, you may want to know what ‘rich snip­pets’ are

Internet skills need supersonic improvement

With a rising need for tech­nic­ally sound engin­eers and people who can work with advanced net­work machinery, there’s also an alarm­ing rise in the num­ber of people world­wide who lack badly in the basic inter­net skills depart­ment. So, let’s go ahead and dig deep into why there’s such a great digital divide across and out­side

Empire Avenue — Enhance Brand Power

With so much hap­pen­ing around in the world of mar­ket­ing and advert­ising, one thing has become pretty obvi­ous and I bet most con­sumer ori­ented sales experts will agree on this. The pro­cess of estab­lish­ing and lever­aging a brand has changed…DRASTICALLY. It’s just not about plainly “get­ting your name out there” any­more. The first major shift