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Pocket Emergency Tool Kit: EDC Gear Combo Set

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Style: Lite:2-Piece Combo Set

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When it comes to our daily lives, we often find ourselves carrying a variety of items to meet our basic needs and address unexpected situations. From our phones to wallets, keys, and even multitools, these items make up our Everyday Carry(EDC). However, the minimalist approach to EDC focuses on carrying only the most essential items to reduce clutter and enhance efficiency.

1.TiSpanner: a Compact Titanium Multitool always within reach

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The Perfect EDC Companion! Crafted from durable titanium, this small tool is designed to be attached to your keychain, seamlessly integrating with your everyday carry gear. It combines the functionality of an adjustable spanner, a bottle opener, a Wolfram attacking head, a nail puller, and a measuring caliper.

With its impressive versatility, TiSpanner ensures you always have a conveniently accessible tool whenever you need it. Whether you’re tightening screws, opening bottles, or measuring on the go, this compact multitool has got you covered. Make TiSpanner your trusted companion for all your everyday adventures!

2.Tiroler: Exquisite Titanium Curve Measure Ring on Fingertips

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to measure something but didn't take a ruler? With the Tiroler, measuring on a whim is now possible. It's lightweight and compact, making it the perfect on-the-go companion.You can just take it in your pocket or hang it as a pendant, which allows you to measure objects anytime and anywhere.

1.Unlock a new dimension of measurement

Whether you're working on artistic projects, DIY endeavors, or any task that demands accurate measurements of unconventional shapes, Tiroler empowers you to do so effortlessly, making it the ultimate tool for precision and creativity.

2.Fingertip Toy for Stress Relief and Meditation

Tiroler is a fingertip companion for stress relief or meditation, offering a tangible source of calm and focus. 

3.Cool Necklace Pendant

When worn as a necklace, this accessory adds a touch of fashionable style to any outfit, making you stand out from the crowd and exuding an air of confident sophistication.

3.Falcon 1.0 Micro Knife

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1.Ready to tackle your tricky problems and available to be used in any scenario.
From opening packages and cutting ropes to sharpening pencils, crafting model airplanes, fishing, peeling fruits, striking outdoor fire starters, repairing flowers, cutting paper, hand carving, diving, to outdoor camping, our tool is your go-to solution for a wide range of tasks.

2.Featuring multiple craftsmanship techniques to meet your discerning needs:

1: The blade with 120-degree unlocking design effectively prevents blade detachment, which means the blade cannot be removed unless it is in the locked position (can only be disassembled when opened to 120°).
2: Swift blade replacement in just 10 seconds (Compatible with blades 11).
3: Equipped with one 1.5*6mm tritium slots for quick positioning in pitch-black darkness
4: 20-degree automatic rebound design, "zero" accidental openings.

4.PickPlus 2 in 1——Titanium Toothpicks & Earpick

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1.Why choose the "Titanium" toothpick?

Titanium Toothpicks & Earpick addresses these issues by being hypoallergenic, flavor-preserving, acid and alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, lightweight, and incredibly durable. Say goodbye to bacterial worries, environmental impact, and say hello to a healthier and eco-friendly alternative. 

2.Versatile for various scenarios, effortlessly adapting to different needs.

Titanium Toothpicks & Earpick is your all-in-one solution, serving multiple purposes seamlessly. Use it as a card pick, toothpick, pendant, fruit spear, ear spoon or even for self-defense. Its adaptability makes it the perfect companion for a wide range of situations, ensuring you're prepared for whatever comes your way. 

4.Titanium Carabiner Keychain

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The advanced keychain is an exceptional showcase of the beauty of CNC machining in a single product .Its innovative design ensures it won't get lost easily,and its unique shape distinguishes it from wire-cut carabiners. Crafted from titanium,it boasts excellent resistance against rust and corrosion,ensuring long-lasting durability.

Application Scenarios

Suitable for hanging household keys, car keys, and as a gift for special occasions.

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