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Communication is changing, but are you?

If you haven’t noticed yet, the talk of the town is how to integ­rate social media into every­day busi­ness. Whether from a small busi­ness or a global organ­isa­tion per­spect­ive, everyone’s try­ing to find the ‘best way’ to incor­por­ate social media in some way to solve their ongo­ing busi­ness chal­lenges. But even­tu­ally organ­isa­tions — big and

Ubiquity, value and change

You build a com­munity, you cre­ate and share great con­tent and identify things that are ‘ahead of the curve’. So how do you inspire oth­ers to do your storytelling for you? This sounds chal­len­ging and many will think that to do so is time con­sum­ing, but only because they see it as ‘addi­tional work’ on top

Key Collectors

It took a while cre­at­ing your busi­ness case for using social media intern­ally, with many late nights and hard work, but at the heart of pro­posal is idea that people will be more pro­duct­ive through col­lab­or­at­ing on pro­jects using social plat­forms and then pub­lish­ing their find­ings intern­ally for all to bene­fit from. Pro­ductiv­ity increases are just

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it

I blogged at the week­end on the import­ance of being social. But employ­ers, busi­ness mangers, own­ers etc worry about employ­ees using social media without under­stand­ing that it can be as import­ant as say going for a round of golf and by the 18th hole a deal has been struck, or hold­ing a ‘meet­ing’ in the

It starts with hello: being social

Being social and using social media are two totally dif­fer­ent things. Many busi­nesses view social media as a way to: • raise aware­ness of their products and ser­vices — their offer­ing — and hope that this will be enough to cap­ture new customers/clients • engage people with their organ­isa­tion and hope to ‘push’ them fur­ther