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Key Collectors

It took a while cre­at­ing your busi­ness case for using social media intern­ally, with many late nights and hard work, but at the heart of pro­posal is idea that people will be more pro­duct­ive through col­lab­or­at­ing on pro­jects using social plat­forms and then pub­lish­ing their find­ings intern­ally for all to bene­fit from. Pro­ductiv­ity increases are just

Collaborate to Innovate

Many heads of busi­ness view col­lab­or­a­tion as a key part of innov­at­ing suc­cess­fully. These ‘lead­ers’ under­stand that it would be impossible to com­plete pro­jects or innov­a­tion tar­gets just by using internal teams alone. The answer? To look out­side of the organ­isa­tion for stra­tegic part­ners… Suc­cess­ful examples of this include the Mercedes/Swatch col­lab­or­a­tion that brought us

Collaboration doesn’t need to be painful — or precious

There’s a lot of talk on how using social media can change the way organ­isa­tions, busi­nesses, not-for-profits etc com­mu­nic­ate with their cus­tom­ers. But let’s not for­get that it can also change the way organ­isa­tions work/communicate intern­ally as well. If you’re cur­rently con­sid­er­ing pro­pos­ing the integ­ra­tion of social media into your organisation’s com­mu­nic­a­tion activ­it­ies then you’ll

Justifying Social Media in terms of ROI

This post is a pre­qual to the forth­com­ing ones on social media strategy/implementation (request from @sam­atlounge). But as I received an email this even­ing and I didn’t have a chance to blog today, I thought I’d post it… In busi­ness, imple­ment­ing and enga­ging in any­thing new, jus­ti­fy­ing ROI has always been a con­cern. But in rela­tion