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Social media collaboration, integration and Adrian Mole aged 13 and 3/4s

Although social media is one of those meme’s that is heav­ily over-used, I believe it’s purely at an early life stage, sim­ilar to that of a human growth cycle: i.e. Babies = Inter­net, Infants = Web and there­fore Social Media could be likened to Adrian Mole aged 13 and 3/4 (show­ing my age a bit

The evolution of ‘As seen on TV’?

Some­thing has been ‘nig­gling’ me over the last few weeks — the situ­ation regard­ing celebrity endorse­ments. Espe­cially as there’s been a lot of pub­li­city regard­ing high pro­file brands drop­ping Tiger Woods from their product endorse­ments. When the sniff of suc­cess is in the air for someone ‘Brands’ are very quick to ‘jump on boarrd’. But

Marketing and the ‘Origin of the Species’

The UK postal strike is a con­cern for busi­nesses. Not just because of the incon­veni­ence but because many still rely on using tra­di­tional meth­ods of try­ing to com­mu­nic­ate with their cus­tom­ers — cur­rent and pro­spect­ive. This con­cern came up dur­ing a chat I had today. I was asked if I thought ‘tra­di­tional’ mar­ket­ing was dead? My

God Parent 3.0 and Captain Picard

I’ve been a very proud God Father for exactly one week now to Cameron Nicole. There are so many things I’m feel­ing: excited, proud, nervous, to name a few… But I won­der what the world will be like for her in 5, 10 ‚20 years time? Will social media as we cur­rently know it have replaced the