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One for your toolbox: VodafoneUK — power of transparency

What an inter­est­ing week it has been. To say it has been busy would be an under­state­ment… But that’s not just from my per­spect­ive. It’s been exactly one week since the Voda­foneUK twit­ter post­ing issue where a worker — not involved with the web team that man­ages Vodafone’s cus­tomer ser­vice twit­ter account — pos­ted a

How one man can cause a groundswell…! Amazing video…

No mat­ter how someone looks, or what they do, they can influ­ence a lot of people… One man can make a difference…!

How to start using Social Media for business — Part 1

Why use Social Media? When look­ing at Social Media it can be a little daunt­ing to under­stand why, how, when and where to start. And not know­ing this can make it dif­fi­cult when try­ing to explain to your boss that your com­pany should at least be eval­u­at­ing the use of Social Media. But is your