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What happens when the media becomes social

And social becomes the media? What does this mean for brands in the social media space? Basic­ally, it means that social media (SoMe) can’t be viewed as a place to be seen, it’s not another media space, it’s a beha­viour… It also means that brands, busi­ness etc shouldn’t just start throw­ing money at it — e.g.

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it

I blogged at the week­end on the import­ance of being social. But employ­ers, busi­ness mangers, own­ers etc worry about employ­ees using social media without under­stand­ing that it can be as import­ant as say going for a round of golf and by the 18th hole a deal has been struck, or hold­ing a ‘meet­ing’ in the

It doesn’t have to be handbags at dawn

For a while now there’s been a little debate on how effect­ive social media is whilst the per­ceived ‘reli­ab­il­ity’ value of tra­di­tional media in the new digital eco­nomy is… let’s just say… being chal­le­neged. Per­son­ally, I truly beleive that this world needs both — sup­port­ing one another to provide a bet­ter all round customer/client exper­i­ence.

Experiences, thoughts, ideas, personality and generally ‘what’s in it’ for them!

We know that Social media is essen­tially about people, their exper­i­ences, thoughts, ideas, per­son­al­ity and gen­er­ally ‘what’s in it’ for them. It’s also import­ant to cla­rify the term ‘what’s in it’, as it does not neces­sar­ily mean that people are seek­ing fin­an­cial reward or com­pens­a­tion. Within a social net­work, ‘what’s in it’ for most social

The lighter side of marketing!

The Truth Accord­ing to MicroSoft: Bill Gates dies, and ascends to the Pearly Gates to meet God. God imme­di­ately recog­nizes him and says to him “Bill Gates — you’re a great man. I shall give you a choice of either heaven or hell.” Bill Gates tells God that he would like to see both before