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Are you visibly flexible?

Today’s tech­no­logy is strength­en­ing at a tre­mend­ous speed; with the web — and its cur­rent guise of Social Media — quickly becom­ing the vital resource that the major­ity of the pop­u­la­tion counts on — from keep­ing in touch to sourcing the ‘best deals’. Until fairly recently, the major­ity of all users out there were brows­ing the

Are you QR-ious?

The Paradigm shift with QR Codes is grow­ing within Advert­ising, ALL types of Print media, Mobile and e-media com­mu­nic­a­tions, inform­a­tion, mar­ket­ing, product pack­aging & labeling, POS sig­nage, Print Ads and pro­mo­tions will never be the same. Although QR Codes are com­mon in Japan and becom­ing com­mon in Europe and Nor­dic coun­tries, their use in print based