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Yes­ter­day I pos­ted the start of a mini series ‘Defin­ing the elu­sive mean­ing­ful met­ric’, where I dis­cussed: Engage­ment for me is when someone cares enough about what you have writ­ten to such an extent that they felt com­pelled to do some­thing about it. and Met­rics I like to use to under­stand the effect­ive­ness of online com­mu­nic­a­tions

UK General Election: Leaders Debate Round 2 — after the debate #ge2010

So even with the neg­at­ive press that Nick Clegg was get­ting prior to the debate he’s again come out on top! The fol­low­ing images are from http://electwits.co.uk and show that Nick Clegg’s dom­in­at­ing at the moment: With a total of 31,682 posts (15k more than before the debate) the Lib­Dem online chat pretty much mir­rors the

UK General Election: Have you decided? #GE2010

I read on Sky News yes­ter­day that there is a slight dif­fer­ence of opin­ion on ‘which party’ is cur­rently out in front? There were three poll res­ults pub­lished: Com­Res, YouGov and Pop­u­lus who con­duc­ted tele­phone inter­views over two days between the 18th & 20th of April Com­Res — inter­viewed 1012 adults on April 18th & 19th

General Election: After the debate 15th April #GE2010

The fig­ures don’t lie Review­ing the online con­ver­sa­tions that took place dur­ing that debate, Nick Clegg looks to have won that round! From 7k + plus before the debate there are now 16,997 posts, with Lib­Dems tak­ing 51.6% of those, Labour 29.8% and Con­ser­vat­ives 18.6% But the dev­ils in the detail so…: Labour Sen­ti­ment And without Neut­ral

General Election: What the people are feeling 15th April

The BIG Debate So here we are, the even­ing of a first for Brit­ish Polit­ics: a live debate between Labour, Lib­eral Demo­crats and the Con­ser­vat­ives. So to mark the occa­sion I push the social media strategy review until tomor­row and bring for­ward how we the people are felt before the debate and then I’ll post