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Onpage SEO — a quick check list

I was hav­ing a chat with someone today and the topic of ‘how should I write for the web?’ came up so I thought I’d just make what I talked about into a quick blog… On Page SEO Ele­ments Together, the fol­low­ing ele­ments are known as ‘onpage’ seo — and, if your web­site is ‘static html’

You say potato I say solanum tuberosum: search term basics

You’ve writ­ten an excel­lent post, checked it for gram­mar and spelling errors and now you’re all ready to pub­lish… but STOP… will what you’ve writ­ten get lis­ted on the SERPs (search engine res­ults pages? A recur­ring issue I see, when dis­cuss­ing web­site con­tent, is that people tend to write from their per­spect­ive — not from