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Pinterest and the Social SEO Benefits

Pin­terest… what exactly is it? How is it a won­der for busi­nesses online? Why are people buzz­ing about it? And what does it have to do with SEO? I’ll be answer­ing all these ques­tions today. And more… So first, let’s try and under­stand what Pinterest.com is all about Towards Decem­ber 2009, a team of developers com­menced work­ing on

How social content can boost SEO

All these social con­tent changes that are hap­pen­ing at the moment: Google’s “Search, Plus Your World”, Twit­ter spit­ting its dummy out because… errr well there’s no real reason other than them kick­ing them­selves for back­ing out of an oppor­tun­ity last year with Google… how­ever, I digress… Hav­ing both battled the search engines for a sub­stan­tial

Essential WordPress plugin: WPSyndicator

8th July WPSyn­dic­ator Update: $4000 Raised so far: I had an email last night from Andy Fletcher, one of the developers of the WP Syn­dic­ator. In it Andy told me that they’ve raised just over $4k so far and he wanted me to pass on their thanks for all your sup­port. So, thank you to those

Keyword Research

How To Make Every Keyword Count Today keywords are almost a cur­rency in their own right; as long as you’re in the top 3 pos­i­tions on SERPs (search engine res­ults pages) that is! But unless you have more money and time to know what to do with it, some keywords will be out of reach i.e.

SEO: No animals were harmed in creating this website – part 4 of 8

META Descrip­tion Over the years META tags have been abused by many in order to try and manip­u­late search res­ults. But in doing so many sites have been black­lis­ted. The import­ance of good META can’t be stressed enough and in this part of my mini series on SEO, I want to dis­cuss why tak­ing the