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Not exclusively from O2! Oversight or subtle marketing attempt? — over to you O2

Search­ing this morn­ing for things related to iPhone’s — which is a bit of a routine with me because I love mine, I couldn’t help noti­cing the descrip­tion from O2: Errr, that’s not right…! The iPhone hasn’t been exclus­ive to O2 since last Novem­ber when Orange star­ted selling it, fol­lowed by Voda­fone in Janu­ary! Now, as

Bubba the bad ass doorman

In busi­ness, how you com­mu­nic­ate online (through social net­works) will determ­ine how suc­cess­ful you are. Busi­nesses need to think of com­mu­nic­at­ing online more as a private party: if you have an invite, then you’re in, but if you’re try­ing to gate­crash then every­one will turn into ‘Buba’ the bad ass door­man…! – and they’re all

Social Media Fear and the SMASBO

I asked this ques­tion last week at Be2Camp, “Are you afraid of social media?” After a few looks around the room people star­ted to put their hands up — not all, but enough for the ques­tion to stick in my mind as some­thing to dis­cuss here. It’s not the first time I’ve asked this ques­tion. Gen­er­ally