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How social content can boost SEO

All these social con­tent changes that are hap­pen­ing at the moment: Google’s “Search, Plus Your World”, Twit­ter spit­ting its dummy out because… errr well there’s no real reason other than them kick­ing them­selves for back­ing out of an oppor­tun­ity last year with Google… how­ever, I digress… Hav­ing both battled the search engines for a sub­stan­tial

Communicate Magazine Conference Google Plus for Business & Brands

I had the for­tu­nate oppor­tun­ity of speak­ing at Com­mu­nic­ate Magazine’s Google+ for Busi­ness & Brands con­fer­ence yes­ter­day. For­tu­nate in that priv­ileged to be in a room with some of the most top end people / agen­cies / organ­isa­tions and brands. Also for­tu­nate that they had guards on the door to stop people leav­ing when it

Social Signals and their Impact on Search Results

Tweets, Face­book Likes and Google+ 1s are the major social sig­nals now being used by Bing and Google to index search res­ults. Basic­ally, both search engine giants have updated their search algorithms to give more credit to con­tent that users share on these sites. The ques­tion you might be ask­ing is: Just how much weight do