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How social content can boost SEO

All these social con­tent changes that are hap­pen­ing at the moment: Google’s “Search, Plus Your World”, Twit­ter spit­ting its dummy out because… errr well there’s no real reason other than them kick­ing them­selves for back­ing out of an oppor­tun­ity last year with Google… how­ever, I digress… Hav­ing both battled the search engines for a sub­stan­tial

One for your toolbox: Qik

The mobile phone is becom­ing less of a phone and more of a ‘all in one place’ com­mu­nic­a­tion tool. Developers of mobile applic­a­tions are push­ing the bound­ar­ies by pro­du­cing mobile apps that enable people to engage, com­mu­nic­ate and share experiences/moments that we would never before dreamed pos­sible by such a small device. One of these

One for your toolbox: discussing DisQus

At first glance you might be fooled into think­ing that Dis­qus (pro­nounced ‘Dis­cuss’) was just another com­ment­ing sys­tem — but… you’d be mis­taken. I thought the same, 9 months ago. Actu­ally, if I’m being hon­est I ori­gin­ally installed it because it looked bet­ter, asthet­ic­ally speak­ing, than any of the other options. But now I wouldn’t

Proof of how Social Media keeps you informed and helps search engine indexing

If your com­pany has doubts about using Social Media or how to use it to bene­fit your busi­ness, the fol­low­ing might help change that. So, a little after 1PM today I pos­ted this art­icle on http://www.communicate.fm: Twit­ter­feed tweeted it about 2:05pm: Google sent me an alert men­tion­ing the post at 14:49 Amaz­ing proof that even if

Ten top Twitter tips for councils — Blog response

Hav­ing read your art­icle I don’t know whether it’s meant ‘tongue in cheek’ or whether it’s pro­foundly well errr pro­found…(!) If it is, then it’s extremely funny and I think you’re (Adrian) a very tal­en­ted indi­vidual… How­ever if the “Some other Twit­ter strat­gey tips” link from http://www.neilojwilliams.net to this page implies that these are actu­ally