About Us

At Titaner, we're a tightly-knit tribe of avid outdoorsmen, visionary industrial designers, and master craftsmen. Since our inception in 2005, we've been trailblazers in the world of Everyday Carry (EDC) gear, redefining industry standards with our exceptional titanium creations.We have also emerged as a leading brand in cross-scene product innovation. Our dedication lies in the design and development of versatile products across various scenarios.


Since its establishment, Titaner has consistently adhered to the misson of "Turning Mechanics into Art",In this misson, our designers have crafted awe-inspiring pieces of mechanical art. These creations go beyond mere cold and rigid mechanical structures; instead, through clever design and craftsmanship, they transform mechanical elements into visually pleasing artworks that captivate the audience.


Each of our product reflects our commitment to quality, innovation, and enhancing your overall lifestyle. We aim to fill life with joy through our product designs; we aspire for our products to possess a cool and stylish appearance coupled with the utmost craftsmanship. We invite you to discover the perfect blend of style and functionality in our exclusive range of products.When you see our products, you can't help but fall in love with them, wanting to hold them in your hands, play with them, use them, and own them.

We are strong believers in buying well-made, heirloom quality goods that can be passed down through the generations, telling a rich story as it ages with you.

If you have any questions,please contact us service01@titaner.com.


 Titaner uses precise CNC machining for production.This ensures that the quality and texture of the entire product is unparalleled when compared to any assembly line products. There are times when efficiency is crucial, and then there are times when taking it slow leads to better results.


It's also no secret that we have a thing for titanium and it usually finds a way into the majority of what we make. Titanium is well known for its properties of lightness, strength, and high-corrosion-resistance, but it is not so well known that there are other properties and what they are really capable of. Titanium is a 'new' metal that was discovered in 1790 and started to be produced industrially in 1948 after a long period of maturation since its discovery. Because of its bountiful reserves and excellent bio-friendly feature, titanium is a material friendly to the environment and humans. Through research and development this material has been revealed with nearly infinite possibilities one after another. We make titanium products with the vision to bring sustainable products that help cut the need for other un-recyclable material in nature. All of our products are made to last. We wish our customer could enjoy the items we made and use it as long as possible.

Customer Feedback

"Go Buy Something-You won't Regret It"

”All aspects of every transaction I've had with Titaner have been 100% to my satisfaction. They promote quality products at an honest price. Go buy something-you won't regret it."

Joshua C.


"Titaner Supply has a really great curated inventory of EDC gear that you won't usually find from most other retailers. They typically have a nice range of categories and price points . New gear drops every week,and fast shipping. Would recommend 100%"

Jennifer H.


“The premiere EDC gear shop online. I have purchased from this store since it began. Top shelf selection and stellar customer service . Their super fast shipping is also a huge plus."

Jeremy P.