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Mix 2: the Titanium EDC Ruler

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Color: Gold

Size: Metric

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Introducing the Mix 2, our second-generation titanium EDC ruler that redefines precision and versatility. This innovative tool combines the functionality of a stationery ruler, a quick caliper, and an adjustable spanner while also serving as an exquisite playpiece in your hand. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Mix 2 transcends functionality, offering an artistic touch to your everyday carry.

A Stationery Ruler with Extendable Measurement

Adjust the knob to extend or retract the ruler, allowing you to meet your linear measurement needs quickly. With a telescopic structure in its 11.5 cm long body, this tool can measure lines up to 18 cm long. Its compact size not only meets the requirements of desk work but also makes it convenient for a pencil case or pocket storage, keeping your desk organized and ready for the next task.

A Quick Caliper Right in Your Hand

With the telescopic structure, the Mix 2 ruler doubles as a measuring caliper, making it an exceptional tool for professionals and hobbyists. Clamp the object between the jaws and quickly read the measurement with the precise pointer and consistent scale markings. The functionality reduces the need for multiple tools on your ordinary workbench, keeping your creative space organized and efficient.
Mix 2 as a caliper.

Metric and Imperial Options

The metric version works with a length of 10 + 8 cm. There is also an imperial version that works the same way with 4 + 3 inches. You can freely pick your own option and there is no need to switch between metric and imperial measurements. 
The Imperial and Metric Options You can Select Freely

An Adjustable Spanner for Temporary Repairing

Mix Ruler is highly versatile and suitable for daily use, outdoor activities, or emergency repairs. It can swiftly transform into an adjustable spanner by clamping the nut between the jaws and screwing the knob to secure the structure. This adjustable spanner enables you to easily tighten or loosen nuts, making Mix 2 an indispensable tool for addressing temporary repair needs.
Adjustable Spanner

A Small Knob Meets All Your Needs

The uniqueness of the Mix2 lies in its knob design. You can easily twist it to extend the measurement length, and when tightened, the knob not only securely locks the reading but also facilitates viewing for future reference. 

Elegant Portability

Mix 2 epitomizes convenience and efficiency with its innovative retractable design. This feature makes it exceptionally easy to carry and store, whether you're in the office, working on-site, or exploring the outdoors. Its compact form factor ensures that it fits seamlessly into pockets, toolboxes, or backpacks.
Mix 2 boasts a cleverly recessed cord buckle that ensures the ruler's functionality remains unaffected when a rope is attached. This thoughtful feature enhances the convenience of carrying and storing the ruler, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike who require precision and versatility on the go.

Mix 2 remains stable with magnets installed beneath the scale, ensuring stability whether you're hanging it during work or carrying it outdoors. The magnetic design prevents accidental opening, maintaining the ruler's stability at all times.

Magnets Installed for Alignment

Appreciable Playpiece in Your Pocket

Equipped with a pair of magnets, the ruler can be easily kept aligned, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. The magnetic attraction not only facilitates the measuring process but also provides a relaxing and enjoyable tactile feeling when playing with the ruler.
The innovative Mix 2 ruler boasts a titanium alloy body with hollowed-out copper strips, creating a unique mechanical aesthetic that sets it apart from conventional rulers. This distinctive design not only makes measuring more engaging but also adds a touch of elegance to your toolkit.

The combination of durable titanium and warm copper tones ensures longevity and style, making the Mix 2 ruler a standout choice for those who appreciate precision and design.

Every-day Carry for Your Innovative Journey

When designing blueprints or doing quick fixes, use Mix 2 to measure the required lengths and gauge the specifications of the necessary parts. Whether you need flat measurements or on-site repair work, it can adapt to your needs. Embark on a journey of precision and style with us. The Mix 2 is an extension of your craftsmanship and a testament to your dedication to quality. Don't miss it in your every day carries.

Mix 2 begins at the 0 mark, enabling you to start your measurement directly at the top edge without the need to align with the 0 scale line. This feature also makes it an ideal tool for measuring depth, enhancing its versatility as a desk accessory.
Both the upper and lower scales of Mix 2 are aligned to start at 0, with deepened markings for enhanced visibility. Instead of laser engraving, CNC machining is employed for every marking, ensuring more accurate and convenient readings.

After undergoing a meticulous five-hour stonewashing treatment, every detail, from the rounded edges to the sleek lines, offers an exceptional tactile experience. Holding it in your hand, you can feel the solidity and precision of the machinery, making it a luxury item among stationery.

Color Options: Gold & Rose Gold

We provide two color options for your selection: the understated and elegant antique copper in gold, and the dazzling brass in rose gold. Simply choose the color you prefer for your reward. Each color is available in both metric and imperial versions, allowing you to select your preferred measurement system。

Tritium Vial Slots for Your Adventure

Mix 2 features three tritium vial slots compatible with 1.5 x 6mm vials, allowing you to customize your Mix 2 with your favorite colors and showcase your unique style.

Personalized Laser Engraving

We offer professional engraving services to personalize your ruler with names, dates, special phrases, and more. This customization adds a unique and commemorative touch, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

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