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The Dragonfly Knife

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Color: CNC Satin

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Common Issues with Traditional Folding Knives:

1: Regulatory Restrictions: Many traditional folding knives are subject to regulatory limitations, making it inconvenient to carry them on your person.
2: Complex Blade Replacement: The process of replacing the blade is often intricate, leading to high maintenance costs for repairs after accidental damage.
3: High Price Tag: The elevated cost of traditional folding knives often discourages users from using them regularly.
4: Limited Practicality in Everyday Scenarios: These knives are often designed for specific tasks, leaving them less versatile in handling the diverse challenges of daily life.

Always ready to tackle your tricky problems, usable in any scenario.

Our Portable Quick-Release Folding Knife is designed for versatility in any situation. Whether it's cutting fruits, opening packages, slicing ropes, trimming plants, cutting paper, peeling fruits, striking a fire starter outdoors, fishing, crafting, model-making, or emergency situations during outdoor camping. This compact knife is your go-to solution.


1: Quick 10-Second Blade Replacement: Swiftly replace blades in just 10 seconds using our innovative design, compatible with No. 24 surgical blades.

2: Secure 90-Degree Blade Unlocking: The knife features a smart 90-degree blade unlocking position, effectively preventing accidental blade detachment. Blades can only be removed when the knife is fully opened to a 90-degree angle.

3: Integrated Snap-Lock Mechanism for Safety: The knife employs a unified snap-lock structure for both security and reliability. The lock is discreetly positioned, featuring a foolproof mechanism to prevent unintentional disengagement.

4: Precision in Every Detail (0.001mm): Meticulously crafted with 0.001mm precision, our knife prioritizes attention to detail. From its biomimetic design and sizable lanyard hole to the anti-slip grooves on the handle, smooth blade installation, and individual numbering for each knife – every aspect is thoughtfully considered.

Product Specifications:

  • Material:GR5 Titanium
  • Dimensions: Closed Length: 83.5mm, Open Length: 140mm (with blade), Thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 10.4g (including blade)
  • Main Uses: Unpacking, paper cutting, peeling fruits, cutting ropes—versatile applications
  • Colors: CNC Satin / Torch Anodized Blue / Stonewashed

Package Contents:

TRK002A * 1
No. 24 blades * 20
Keychain * 1
Packaging box * 1

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